Find the perfect commercial insurance policy for your needs


Many different products are offered for our commercial clients. We specialize in new businesses. We will assist you through the necessary process when purchasing the necessary commercial insurance products, such as Workers Comp to General Liability and so much more. Commercial Insurance


Commercial Auto

Important coverage to know. Hired or Non-owned Auto. If these coverages are not added on your commercial auto policy there may not be protected for the business entity.

Commercial Property

Commercial Property coverage can be provided through a stand-alone (monoline) policy or written as part of a package policy providing various types of coverage. The most common package policies providing commercial property coverage are the Commercial Package Policy (CPP) and the Business-Owners Policy.


Commercial General Liability

Covers your business in the event of being sued for an event or occurrence, which you were generally liable for, typically the safety of your customer, or visitors.

Business Owner Policy “BOP’

The Business-Owners Policy combines, in a simplified manner, most of the property and liability coverage’s, other than auto and workers compensation, needed by small and medium-sized businesses such as stores, offices, and apartment buildings.


Workers Comp

Typically bought for the safety and injury of your employees while working or performing a task for an employer.

Special Events

Insurance for a specific event usually a fundraiser or limited work/task at a location, which is not owned by the insured such as a hotel, commercial property or city-county property.


Please contact a licensed insurance agent for more details on the products and services we offer for commercial clients. At All American Insurance, 754-263-2160 our specialist in commercial insurance is [email protected] If you are looking for commercial auto, please contact [email protected] or [email protected]. Read Commercial Insurance FAQ’s

Please note the description of coverage is not the property of All American Insurance Consultants.
This is a universal description set forth by the State of Florida. More details can be found at Auto tool kit issue of 2015.